Ultra-Premium Daily Fiber, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics, and Liver Cleanse Detox Support Supplement -Ultimate Digestive and Immune System Support – 46 in 1-120 Veg Caps


Ultra-Premium Daily Fiber, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics, and Liver Cleanse Detox Support Supplement -Ultimate Digestive and Immune System Support – 46 in 1-120 Veg Caps

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-ESSENTIAL FIBER SUPPORT: Helps increase daily intake of fiber, which promotes healthy digestive and cardiovascular functions. It helps relieve occasional constipation and promotes regular bowel movements, eliminating harmful toxins from the GI tract and supporting healthy gut flora to aid in colon health. And fiber intake helps boost metabolism to support healthy weight management and promote healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. -SUPERIOR PROBIOTIC SUPPORT: The power of 15 billion CFUs, derived from a potent blend of 14 probiotic strains, helps fortify your digestive tract, improve nutrient absorption and vitamin production, support bowel regularity, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and provide deep immune system support. Probiotics help protect the integrity of your intestinal linings from toxins, allergens, and pathogens that otherwise enter your bloodstream and lead to inflammation and other health issues. -SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: STEMFIBER is formulated with 15 plant-based digestive enzymes that help promote efficient food digestion after meals, greater nutrient absorption, and improved energy and mood. Our beneficial digestive enzymes help break down multiple food groups into vital nutrients for the body to absorb more efficiently. Achieving optimal digestion will help eliminate stomach discomfort, improve your gut flora, and boost your metabolism to promote healthy weight loss. -SUPPORTS LIVER DETOX AND FUNCTION: If you eat the wrong foods or drink too much alcohol, you put stress on your liver. STEMFIBER® contains key nutrients chosen for their ability to help cleanse the liver and support its natural cell regeneration process, support the production of bile for the elimination of waste and food digestion, and help promote the natural antioxidant enzyme production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione (GSH), which help fight free radicals. -NOURISH YOUR GUT FLORA: Enhanced with prebiotics, STEMFIBER® will help feed and nourish the beneficial bacteria in your GI tract and help suppress the bad ones. This way, you increase the effectiveness of probiotics as they help fortify the GI tract. Prebiotics are plant fibers that help promote a more nourishing environment for the growth and activity of friendly and beneficial bacteria in your GI tract, optimizing gut flora health, digestion, nutrient absorption, and peak immune system function. STEMFIBER® Is the Complete Digestive & Immune System Support Supplement for a Healthy, More Energetic, High Functioning Life Our intestines are very complex, filled with nerves, blood vessels, and trillions of microorganisms that form a natural ecosystem commonly called the gut flora. This is a fundamental building block of good health. However, certain lifestyle stressors, illnesses, prescription medications, and foods can easily disrupt the bacteria composition in your gut and throw your immune responses out of control, enabling the growth of pathogenic microbes, chronic inflammation of your gut, and damage to your gut lining. It is estimated that your gut is home to 70–80% of your immune system, so it’s important for your digestive system to maintain a healthy gut flora balance. The best way to help optimize the function of your digestive system is to ensure you are meeting your body’s unique nutritional needs with a proper diet that’s conducive to overall digestive health. Unfortunately, many people live busy lifestyles and find themselves unable to achieve adequate nutritional support through their diet. The result is recurring digestive discomfort due to poor digestion stemming from a dysfunctional digestive system. Scientifically engineered to help enhance your digestive system, STEMFIBER® will help bridge your nutritional gaps with a power-packed blend of dietary fibers, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, digestive-soothing herbs and liver-supporting nutrients that contribute to optimal digestive system function. This superior combination of 46 active ingredients will help smooth out the digestive process and promote daily relief from gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, leaky gut and other digestive discomforts. It also supports and maintains colon health, enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption, empowering your vital liver functions, strengthening your intestinal lining, and reinforcing your gut flora’s ecosystem which produces a powerful sense of strength, energy and clarity of mind. A Powerful Blend of Active Essential Ingredients -Fiber Support for Your Whole Life Many people don’t get the true daily fiber support they need, which often leads to gradual digestive issues as time goes by. A vulnerable and passive digestive system puts your body at high risk of reabsorbing toxins it should get rid of, but STEMFIBER® is here to help restore that balance by way of daily gentle fiber support and other essential nutrients. The soluble fibers in STEMFIBER® will help promote comfortable, healthy, regular bowel movements by bulking up your stool and facilitating easier passage. -Prebiotic and Probiotic Support for Your Protection STEMFIBER® contains 15 billion CFUs from 14 life-empowering probiotic strains to help provide additional health benefits, that boost your digestive and immune system function. Probiotics are live, friendly and beneficial bacteria that aid digestion by moving food more efficiently through the gut. They also support nutrient absorption and vitamin production, as well as helping restore a balanced, healthy gut flora composition to keep you feeling great. Our naturally derived prebiotic fibers will help support and activate the probiotics for greater potency and effectiveness. -Digestion Support for Your Comfort Our unique blend of 15 plant-based digestive enzyme formula works to help break down food more efficiently, support digestion, and ease the following symptoms of poor digestion: stomach bloating, belching, heartburn, diarrhea, intestinal cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, IBS and other GI disorders. These digestive enzymes will proactively restore the equilibrium you need to feel better after a meal, promote better nutrient absorption in the body for higher energy levels, and boost your immunity, mental clarity, and vitality. -Liver Support for Long-Term Health The STEMFIBER® liver support formula includes milk thistle, artichoke leaf, dandelion root, and other liver-enhancing nutrients. It’s formulated to support the regeneration of your liver cells, stimulate the flow of bile for better digestion and elimination of waste and toxins. And support the body’s major antioxidant enzyme production called superoxide dismutase and glutathione, which aid your body’s natural detoxification process. A healthy liver will help boost your immune system, your energy levels, and your metabolism for consistent, healthy weight management. STEMFIBER® is a Science-Based Formulation of Nature’s Most Powerful Ingredients to Support the Digestive System! Here Are Some of Its Life-Changing Health Benefits: · Supports your immune system. · Supports your body’s natural cleanse and detox process to help eliminate harmful toxins, allergens, and pathogens. · Supports the “tight junction” integrity of the intestinal wall lining. · Promotes regular, healthy, bowel movements and colon health. · Helps boost absorption of key nutrients effectively in the body. · Supports smoother digestion to help break down fats, carbs, proteins, dairy, and other food groups. · Supports and maintains optimal liver health. · Supports a healthy intestinal flora balance. Helps balance yeast growth. · Helps increase your energy levels, stamina, mood, mental clarity and focus. · Helps provide relief from food allergies. · Helps improve metabolism to support healthy weight management and healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. You will feel stronger, healthier, and more productive as you work through your day and keep your digestive system on track. Our formula uses only the essential nutrients your body needs for improving digestion and healing the gut. These high-powered nutrients are safe for daily and long-term consumption. When you add STEMFIBER® in your life, you will enjoy all of its health benefits so that you can experience a happy, active, and vibrant life.


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